Why You Need Pulse Oximeter – Tips and Guide

Pulse Oximetry is a method that uses devices to measure oxygen levels in the blood. Mostly, Pulse Oximeters are big, complicate to use and are operated by electricity. Fingertip Pulse Oximeters are small devices, which clip to the finger, and can be carried around the house or outside. They are operated by 2 AAA batteries, and take continuous measurement of the SPO2 levels (oxygen-blood saturation) and heart rate. They aren’t influenced by the patient’s movement, and so, they don’t force the patient to stay in one place during the physical checkup, and they can be incorporated into athletic activity. In other words, it can help the patient live more freely.

What are Pulse Oximeters

A pulse oximeter is a noninvasive medical device that is used to measures the oxygen diffusion in a patient’s blood and pulse rates. This medical measuring instrument is very convenient and useful as it can be used with no trouble anytime and anywhere. These are abundant benefits and usages of this pulse measuring device which we will discuss later. One thing you need to make sure that you buy a good quality oximeters as not all brands make accurate and durable devices. For those living in UK can check out list of top pulse oximeters in UK.

pulse oximeter 2018Pulse oximeters are clipped to a semi-transparent part of a patient’s body which can be usually a finger or earlobe. A photodiode is faced with a pair of small light-emitting diodes, which has two different wavelengths. One LED is an infrared and the other is red. Absorption at the said wavelengths differs a lot between oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, thus, making it possible to calculate the ratio between the two. There are possibly four pulse oximeter types which includes fingertip, wrist, handheld and tabletop. Each of these types is made to cater to one’s medical needs.

Advantages of using pulse oximeter

The uses of pulse oximeters have become quite handy to the medical world as they are handy and convenient. Pulse oximeters’ uses include detection of under oxygenation in blood, monitoring of a patient’s tendency to have interrupted breathing during sleep, and examining pulse rates. Here are some of the advantages of pulse oximeters.

  • Operation of the fingertip pulse oximeters is simple and convenient.
  • The fingertip pulse oximeters is compact and ultra light (total weight is about 50g including batteries) and conveniently carried.
  • Economic power consumption (two AAA batteries).
  • Low voltage warning will be indicated in the visual display when battery voltage is so low.
  • The fingertip pulse oximeters will automatically be powered off when out of use for longer than 8 seconds.

Fingertip pulse oximeters uses a light emitter with red and infrared LEDs that shines through a reasonably translucent site with good blood flow. Typical adult/pediatric sites are the finger, toe, pinna (top) or lobe of the ear. Infant sites are the foot or palm of the hand and the big toe or thumb. Opposite the emitter is a photo detector that receives the light that passes through the measuring site.

Using a pulse oximeter

To use pulse oximeters, you just have to attach or clip it to a part of your body—usually to a finger of an earlobe—and then wait for the reading. Its speed and simplicity made the rate of finger pulse oximeters uses very high. Portable pulse oximeters’ uses have been proven very practical, most especially for pilots, cardiac patients, athletes, and plastic surgeries. It has also been proven useful in emergency rescue medicine, like in a rescue from fire. Latest generation pulse oximeters can be attached to any part of the body and check for pulses. Continue reading Why You Need Pulse Oximeter – Tips and Guide

How to keep your child fit with balance bike

Getting your kids involved in sports is a very important part of your parenting and your kid’s childhood. No matter what kind of sport it is, all sports teach kids important life lessons as well as keeping them healthy.

Obviously some of the most popular sports include football, soccer, baseball and. basketball. Even though all of these sports are different, they all have a lot in common. Each of these sports is a team sport, and it requires a lot of teamwork on and off the field to win. And every kid wants to win.

In football, whether you’re playing offense or defense, your entire team has to communicate and be on the same page and work together to win. Working together and cooperating with others is an extremely important part of life, especially when you get older, and this is a great thing to learn young. Encourage your kid to take a leadership role on their team, this will give them confidence and increase their communication skills.

Games That Will Help Keep Your Kids Fit

Games suitable for kids of ages between 3 to 7 years are constantly of running and chasing them around in form of playing a game. For example games like tag and freeze tag where by a person is chased and when he or she is tagged is frozen but unfrozen by another player , this can be a very good way to making your kids run but also have fun. My favorite is marble run, this game will keep your child engaged with this game for many hours. We will be discussing about choosing the right marble run for toddlers in UK later in this article.

For kids older than 7 years constantly running can be achieved through playing outdoor games for example football, swimming or basketball where in the process they have fun. For kids that are around 1 year and thereabouts an adult hold their hands and balance on the babies

kids fitnessBecause all of these are team sports, they require constant team meetings and workouts, usually around 3 a week (not counting real games). This constant running and exercising will help keep your kids in shape and healthy without much effort. And with obesity becoming such a problem in younger kids today, playing sports it the perfect way to combat that problem. Plus you can start encouraging them to eat healthier under the guise of saying it will help them do better in their sports.

This is also a great way to find new friends and people for your kids to depend on. I know personally when I played football as a kid, I met a lot of amazing and interesting people, a lot of whom I’m still friends with today. Sports aren’t only great for your mind and body, but they teach life lessons that your kids will use for the rest of their lives.

Why Fitness is important for your Child

Because of the increasing rate of obese children, parents should do their part and engage their kids in fitness activities. A lot of fitness activities are becoming popular nowadays in order to help children to stay physically fit. You can buy bicycles or other gears that will help your child have fun as well as help in improving his or her physical fitness. If you kid is still younger than 3 year old, then you can buy a small balance bike that is safe for little kids.

balance bike 2017The culture and lifestyle nowadays are evolving as evidenced by modernization. More and more children are engaged to sedentary lifestyle rather than becoming physically active. A lot of children go to school by car because they are dropped off by their parents. Most children would also rather watch their favorite cartoons and other television shows rather than playing outside. The popularity of game consoles also has a major contribution to the sedentary lifestyle of children. In addition, school sports arena.

Choosing a marble run for your 4 year old kid

A marble run is not just enjoyable for kids, but it is also a great toy for developing problem-solving skills. Most of the people consider an average rating of 3 or more out of 5 to be good for an item and at least customer will not waste money investing in it. This educational toy company makes plastic marble tracks that are easy to assemble and very durable. Thinking about buying some STEM-related toys this holiday season for the kids in your life, or for your child’s teacher and classroom? After all, the kids themselves have to put the piece together before they can play with it. Continue reading How to keep your child fit with balance bike

Power banks – How to choose the right one in India

We all know this is the age of smartphones. After only about 10-15 years, mobile technology has become so successful in both personal and professional lives, that we can”t live without them. Smartphones are now not just for making phone calls and sending text messages, they can be used to play music, watch videos and movies, keep track of appointments and contacts, chat with friends and relatives using social medias and provide directions through GPS and even much more. The list of possible smartphone uses multiplies by tens of thousands and grows longer everyday. But with the increasing use of smartphone, the battery often runs out of charge within few hours. Smartphones now comes with higher mAh, but with so many applications running they often die in less than 8 hours. The best way to overcome the battery charging issue is to have a power bank that can charge your mobile phones on the go.

What is Power Bank

Power banks are portable device that are comprised of an external battery charger sealed inside a special case with a control circuit that controls the flow of power. Power banks can store electrical charge which can be later use to charge your smartphones and other USB devices. Power banks are becoming increasingly popular in India, as we are using smartphones for many hours a day and their batteries are not able to survive for the day. Power banks are light in weight and small in size, which makes them portable that can be carried in either your pocket or hand bag. There are many models of power banks available on the market, but you should choose according to your need. Here you can check out some of the best power banks in India.

Charging Your Power Bank

power bank in India 2017Charging your power bank is very easy. You can charge it by connecting the power cord to a power outlet. Most modern power banks comes with USB port, so you can also charge your power bank by connecting it to a USB charge, such as your desktop computers. Some power banks can also be charged using solar energy, they are called as solar power bank. But they are not so popular like USB power banks, as they are expensive and larger in size.

Choosing a Power Bank

As we said earlier, there are many brands and types of power banks available on the market today. Choosing the right power bank may be a daunting task for many. There are certain features that need to taken into consideration while buying a power bank. Below guide will help you in choosing the best power bank for your need.

Capacity: Capacity is the most important feature that must be considered when choosing your power bank. They are measured in milli Ampere hour (mAh). You should always choose a power bank that has capacity higher than your smartphones battery capacity. For example, if you have a Samsung galaxy S4 whose battery capacity is 3200 mAh and also your uses of smartphone is very high, and you need it to charge at least two times a day. So just multiple your smartphone battery capacity to the number of times you want to charge in a day. This means you need to have a power bank that can charge device of about 6400 mAh. Also you should know, a power bank with the capacity of say 10,000mAh cannot charge a device of 10,000mah fully as some amount of charge is lost. At the most, a power bank can charge upto 80% of its capacity. So for charging 6400 mAh, you need a power bank with capacity higher than 7680 mA Continue reading Power banks – How to choose the right one in India

Why You Should Choose Knee Braces – Tips and Advice

Running is considered one of the favorite sports of most persons, a hobby or pastime which they cannot do without as well as a regular exercise taken to burn their extra calories away. However, when knee pain is experienced while doing this much-needed activity, it’s time to turn to the use of knee braces for running. Aside from this, when athletes need to address knee injuries and other issues, they also have a need for these braces to make the sport of running as normal for them as possible. For these cases, they have to address the knee injury first before focusing on the sport of running.

Running as a sport can put a toll to the runner’s feet, as well as their whole physique. If they had been enjoying this for many years and made running their way of life or part of their lifestyle, pain in the knee is the common grunt and discomfort felt, as this is commonly the most affected area. Therefore, care must be taken in order to keep the knees from harm as well as provide knee stabilizers for support, to avoid knee discomfort and injuries which may later lead to surgery.

knee braces for runners in UKThe use of knee braces for running is an inexpensive way of saving the knees from injury which may become irreversible through time, unless surgery is done to restore its original function. With its use, the stress and pain felt when running is eliminated as well as provide added protection to the knees to avoid further harm and injury since the use of braces while running can help stabilize the knee area and keep it from being prone to injury. There are several types of knee braces for running wherein runners can still enjoy different motions, increasing amount of distance covered, the kind of terrain where they usually do their activity as well as the kind of knee injury they are suffering from, which oftentimes give them discomfort and pain. If you are residing in UK, then always go for the top knee braces in UK of 2017.

Runners have different needs depending on the kind of injury they have, the extent of that injury, the amount of stress placed on that injury, the pain felt when using the knees for running and this will all focus on the type of knee braces for running that is needed. All of these must be addressed before ordering in order to benefit from a low-priced, convenient, comfortable and well-designed knee brace that is suitable for running.

Best knee braces for football

Whether you have knee injury or just want protection from injury while playing your favorite sport which is football, knee braces are the sure protection for you as injuries in the football field are always possible. This game requires too much contact and impact with other players can often damage the knees and may often lead to surgery. Sometimes, even sudden stops and wrong pivots can injure the knee during the play. Knee stabilizers are needed to avoid injury or provide support to an already injured knee and one of this is by the use of knee braces.

knee braces 2017Wearing knee braces for football lowers the risk of injury by protecting the knees allowing you to play for many years to come. That’s why it is important to choose a brace that will give the utmost protection to the knee. Football is one of the sports wherein players often suffer ACL ligament sprains and tears so that there is an urgency to address the need for protective bracing. There have already been studies done on the technology to be used as football players have the need for rigid knee braces for preventative purposes or after ACL surgery and coaches and trainers have recommended the use of these braces to their players, especially those who were injured previously or those with knee instabilities.

Advances in technology have designed ACL knee braces for football which are usually made of metal or carbon fiber framed braces and provides the maximum level of support to the players without restricting their movement at the knee joint. These braces reduce the extent of severity of the injury while providing added support and this improves the prognosis of the injury and lessening the recovery period. There are issues that came up regarding the use of braces saying it causes muscle atrophy, bone loss and weakness but it has not been seen with short term use during play or practice.

The risk of injury and subjecting oneself to surgery is a far more important consideration than issues of muscle atrophy with the use of the knee brace for only a short term. It is still strongly advised that consultation with a physician should be done before using these devices for protecting and stabilizing the knee during football games.

Choosing the best knee braces in UK

You can see two main styles of braces. Generally speaking, knee braces are for injury recovery. The best knee brace for running should be a perfect fit and offer increased support to the knee and its supporting tendons and ligaments. The more active you are, the higher chance of an injury occurring. Those on the lower end of the price scale are most often soft-shell braces.

  • Knee sleeves are for injury prevention.
  • Finding a good one to suit your particular situation is not always easy.
  • A simple task, such as going down the stairs, can often lead to pain and discomfort.
  • These types wrap the leg and brace in Neoprene® or other soft material, even if they use a hinged knee.
  • Knee braces offer the best knee support, but they are also rigid and restrictive.
  • That is why we have created a list of Best Knee Braces for running which is made up of best knee sleeves, best knee straps or best knee bands, and best hinged knee braces that should help you to choose the knee brace for running.
  • When going down the stairs, your knees will need to support a weight equal to four times your body weight due to shock.

Rigid-style braces are the more expensive ones, and they use frames made of carbon fiber or aluminum, creating a brace designed to closely mimic your knee’s motion while protecting it against any unwanted and potentially dangerous motion ranges. Knee sleeves are flexible, but they don’t provide much in the way of reinforcement. A hinged brace is ideal for athletes who need top-of-line protection and stabilization post-surgery, ACL, MCL or PCL injuries. Continue reading Why You Should Choose Knee Braces – Tips and Advice

Pregnancy Tips For India Women And Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy is perhaps the most miraculous thing in a human life. Every day, someone discovers that they’re expecting. Getting through a pregnancy may not be easy, however the information found here can help you. While pregnant you need good sleep. It will be easier for you to drift off to sleep, if you instill some bedtime rituals such as reading a few pages of a book and/or having a cup of warm milk or chamomile tea.

Don’t feel bad turning down social events while pregnant. Everyone should be quite understanding of the challenges you face at this period in your life. You may have trouble with being fatigued, nauseous and also the need to go to the bathroom quite a bit. If you don’t want to go somewhere, don’t push yourself. If your diet is generally nutritious, you can give into cravings without concern. Your cravings happen for a specific reason, and your body may need whatever those foods contain. Adopt a healthier diet so your baby gets all the vitamin and nutrients it needs. If you have been accustomed to feasting on fast food, you need to make a few changes. Eat more fruit, veggies and lean meat.

pregnancy tipsIt is important that you make all of your scheduled visits with your doctor or pregnancy nurse. These are important check points for the health of your baby. Keep track of your menstrual cycles if you want to get pregnant. You can use what you know about your cycle to choose the days with the highest chance to conceive to try for that baby. It can also help pinpoint when you actually became pregnant if you have already conceived. During pregnancy it is common for almost all women to have back pain and nausea and as a result you will tend to sleep less. In order to lessen the back pain and have comfortable sleep, You should buy a best pregnancy pillows in India. Though there are not many good brands available in India, but slowly some well known brands are launching their products in India. You can buy them from Amazon. We will be discussing more about pregnancy pillows later in this article.

When you are expecting a baby, pay some attention to your partner. Chances are very high that they are as apprehensive as you about becoming a parent and need comfort and reassurance. Spend time with each other by either taking a walk or by seeing a movie. Enjoy this one-on-one time as much as possible before it is no more! Think about getting a doula. This is a trained birth coach with the sole purpose of helping and guiding moms through pregnancy. Be proactive about asking for help when confronted with tasks that require heavy lifting. Insisting on doing things yourself is not worth the risk of a back strain or injury to yourself or the baby.

Your doctor should be alerted to any symptoms you are experiencing, including exceptionally swollen feet. Although this could just be part if the pregnancy, it could also be a sign of preeclampsia, a dangerous condition that affects pregnant women by causing elevated blood pressure. Your baby’s health depends on prompt treatment of this condition. If you come down with a cold or other illness, use non-medical remedies. Over-the-counter treatments can harm your baby.

Why You Need to Buy a Pregnancy Pillows in India

Many pregnant women find it hard to get a good night’s sleep with the continuous change in their bodies and their growing bump. Pregnancy pillows provide adequate support for the stomach, neck, legs, shoulders and back. Pregnancy pillows are specially designed pillows for pregnant women to make them for contented and comfortable. Delivery can be a traumatic experience. Some of them even start suffering from back pain and leg cramps which makes it a challenge to find a comfortable position to sleep in.pregnancy pillows in India

  • Women who suffer from neck and back pain can use this by lying in a half-fetal position, which is considered the best one for pregnant women.
  • Pregnancy leaves too many doubts and confusions to pregnant ladies.
  • A new mom can experience pain from the delivery for quite some time.
  • The perfect solution for those women is using a pregnancy body pillow.
  • A good pregnancy pillow can relieve pressure on the spine, back and hips while improving alignment of the hip, shoulder and spine.
  • If you worry about harming your baby with your uncomfortable sleeping position, pregnancy pillow will be your best solution.

This pain can cause many sleepless nights as finding a comfortable position to sleep in can be difficult. Sleep problems are quite problematic during pregnancy. According to a research conducted by a pillow manufacturing company, women feel a lot more comfortable after using these pillows. Your body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy, and it is just right that you give it the correct amount of rest and sleep to cope up with the stress and pains it gets.

This is especially true for moms who have undergone a cesarean birth. Many women either have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep when pregnant. You can easily adjust them with your abdomen, while you’re side sleeping. Pregnancy pillows promote better sleep, and the more you get enough hours of rest and sleep in a day, the more you become healthy and prepared for the coming of your baby. The pregnancy pillows can provide added comfort for moms who have delivered naturally and by cesarean.

Benefits of pregnancy pillows
Pregnancy pillows can help you fall asleep and to stay asleep. These help with easy circulation of blood, which brings essential nutrients for your baby. The popularity in maternity pillows owes to their effectiveness in reducing sleep discomfort while pregnant, thus delivering you a longer and more restful sleep, which is exactly what you need for yourself and your baby. This can tire your back and shoulder muscles. But there is little you can do to stay asleep if you need to get up often in the night to use the bathroom.
Benefits of pregnancy pillowsDoctors usually recommend moms to sleep in the side direction. Pregnancy pillows provide support to the head and back, helping women sleep in half-fetal position and relieving the stress on their spine, back and hips. You can drink less water in the early evening, but you do need to make sure you are hydrated enough during the day. It’s never a good idea to sleep on the belly, since it exerts pressure on it. A pregnant woman can’t think of lying stomach down – it can be dangerous for the baby if not uncomfortable for the mother. Continue reading Pregnancy Tips For India Women And Pregnancy Pillows

What You Need To Do To Relieve Back Pain

It is well known that as many as 70 percent of the adult population is United Kingdom either suffer or have suffered from back pain.  Back pain ailments are very common but unfortunately, many people do not manage their back pain correctly. There are many methods and products out in the market today that will treat back pain.  In this guide, We will talk about what is back pain, how are they caused and what are their treatment. We will also talk about temporary and permanent solutions and the recommended products that will help in lessening the pain. We will demystify any confusion about what will heal lower and upper back pain as well as sciatic problems. Back pain can be the result of many different issues and causes, such as pregnancy or sports injuries, as well as aging.

Causes Of  Back Pain

back painAbout 60 to 80% of the 30 – to 60-year suffer from back pain. This back pain has long since developed into a widespread disease. In about 50% of cases there is a connection with the profession. In approximately 75% of cases can not name a specific reason for the back pain. For these non-specific back pain, both physical and psychological reasons are responsible.

Back pain caused by muscular and often mental causes. Through professional and personal stress often tense back muscles. The result is tension and muscle tightness, which lead to back pain. The most common cause of chronic back pain is the wear and tear, the so-called arthritis of the spine.

Causes of back pain

* Muscle tension: stress is a common cause of back pain. The stress is tense back muscles and cause pain. Relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, yoga and autogenic training can help. And psychological interview is often helpful.
* Musculoskeletal disorders (eg osteoporosis (bone loss))
* Wear: Wear of the spine (vertebral body, intervertebral disc)
* Inflammation (for example, rheumatism)
* Deformities (scoliosis, Scheuermann)
* Injuries (eg whiplash, cervical spine, fractures)

Lumbago (low back pain)
For lumbago, it is often characterized by a sudden movement such as lifting, bending and twisting. Even coughing and sneezing can trigger the lumbago.

Cause of a lumbago:
By a herniated disc or a disc bulge presses  the gelatinous core of the disc on the nerve leaving the spinal canal.

Symptoms of lumbago:
Sudden stabbing pain in lower back and buttocks, which does not radiate into the leg. Often one can then no longer straight. It takes a laterally curved posture.

Sciatica (sciatica)
For sciatica occurs for the same reasons as for lumbago.

Cause of sciatica:
For sciatic pain, there are many causes. The sciatic nerve is a change in the lumbar spine – irritated or even squeezed – often by a herniated disc. Often these are the complaints also a nerve inflammation and tension in the back muscles.

Symptoms of sciatica:
Radiating pain in the leg, sometimes even into the foot.

Herniated Disc
The areas between the vertebrae are discs damaged. The discs lose their shape and press on the nerves of the spinal cord. In severe changes in the intervertebral disc is injured and pulled the fiber ring, then emerges that the jelly-like mass already.

Symptoms of a herniated disc
Characteristic of radiating leg pain are to paralysis.

Scheuermann’s disease
This is a likely genetic growth disorder that occurs primarily in the thoracic area. The growth disorder usually develops between 11 and 15 Of life and creates a pronounced hunchback.

Scoliosis (spinal curvature)
Scoliosis, curvature and rotation are of the spine. You can already occur in children.

Back pain not related to the vertebral column at:

Referred pain

* Cervical spine: diseases of internal organs like the liver, gall bladder, stomach, heart
* Thoracic spine: pain projection for diseases of the esophagus, lung and artery.
* Lumbar spine: projection of pain in gynecological and urological disorders

Myofascial syndrome

* Back pain with or without referred pain may also originate from the muscles of the spine itself and / or the associated tendons.

The spine

The spine is the most complicated part of our movement system. The spine supports the head and torso and protects the spinal canal in the spinal cord included. The spine is made up of 24 vertebrae. The vortices take back to the lumbar spine (bottom) in size. The load on the spine rises towards the lumbar spine. Therefore, degenerative changes and pain are particularly common in this area. Between the vertebrae are the intervertebral discs. A disc is a fibrous, rough ring (annulus firbrosus) which has a jelly-like core (nucleus pulposus) surrounds.

The jelly-like core is used for pressure compensation. Due to the weight bearing down on it, water is pressed and the disc flattens off during the day. The spine is in the evening two inches shorter than the morning. At night, the horizontal resting position of the disc again have the opportunity to expand. This ability comes with age, however, lost more and more. From 25 Age, the human small. Between 20 and 70 Age can shrink a man and a woman for three to six inches.

Recliner Chairs for back pain

Many people who works in the offices need to sit for very long hours on the chair. This results in aching of the muscle, which sometimes lead to back pain. Most of the time these pains go away when you stretch a little bit and do some back exercise. But if you aren’t keeping proper care of your body and continues to sit for long hours, this may result in chronic back pain. One of the easiest solution is to buy a good quality recliner chairs. There are many benefits of these chairs and the most important one is that it gives proper support to your back and hence it lowers down the chances of chronic back pains.

Recliner chairs for back pain UKIf you find it difficult to sit down and stand up, you may end up in the same chair all day unless you have someone to help you. One of the main benefits the massage technology provides is improved circulation. Studies have found a wide range of health problems that can be attributed directly to stress. Good posture is essential in avoiding the distressing pain or discomfort caused by back problems or arthritis, so our rising and reclining chairs can ensure you are correctly supported along all points of your body. Or if you can’t get comfortable, you may end up staying in bed.

  • Poor circulation causes uncomfortable numbness in limbs, and swelling in certain parts of the body.
  • From headaches and depression to heart disease and asthma, stress triggers the heart and mind in negative ways leaving your body open to the repercussion of the wear and tear of everyday life.
  • By adjusting the movable back and leg rest, you will be able to find just the right sitting or reclining position for you, allowing you to temporarily enjoy some blissful relief from the misery of back ache, aching joints and arthritic pain. he design of the lift chair allows the user to easily back up, letting the chair handle all of the effort required to sit down.
  • Getting the right riser recliner chair can help with these difficulties and keep you independent.
  • The massage technology in a recliner chair can help to reduce the impact of bad circulation, fighting against conditions such as atherosclerosis, which reduce blood flow.
  • Swollen ankles, tight fingers, achy joints and awkward ribs are all affect mothers’ bodies as they get further and further into pregnancy.

Improves blood circulation
When ready to stand up, the process is reversed as the reclining lift chair slowly, safely, and effortlessly lifts the user into a standing position. The reclining action can make you more comfortable, especially if you’re sitting down for a lot of the day. Injuries, certain medical conditions and aging can lead to mobility issues, which may make it difficult to get on and off of conventional chairs. Adjustable Reclining Tension is a great feature.

Relives Stress
Experience the freedom to stand up and sit down on your own terms with a Zero Gravity Craftmatic ElectroLift Recliner. This can help with some medical problems. A power lift recliner offers mobility assistance by lifting you up and forward to make standing effortless. We know everyone comes in different sizes and strengths, so La-Z-Boy has 2 wing nuts on the bottom of the chair that can easily be adjusted to modify the backrest tension. The nature of the disability is likely to play a part in deciding which lift chair to choose. Recliner chairs can benefit pregnant women a lot. This allows you to increase or decrease the amount of effort it takes to recline the back of the chair, providing customised comfort A very supportive back rest may be a requirement. Pain in lower back or abdomen is a common sight in pregnant women, because of the weight that they carry for good nine months. The user will need to be able to use and understand the controls.

Alleviate back pain
If you have a pregnant lady in your house, make her recline on a recliner chair so that the weight rests on the front of the carriage for a while giving her lower back some rest. Depending on the model of riser recliner chair, there may be only two buttons on the handset; one to raise the chair, and the other to lower it. Reclining on it also aligns the weight to the body’s centre of gravity. If the chair has two individual motors and a heat and massage function, there may be several buttons for the user to learn. However, with the new technology available today in reclining furniture, you don’t have to settle for a recliner that forces you to turn over to adjust the reclining tension or make it difficult to get of out the chair when the doorbell rings. Technology now allows you to simply pull your feet forward and step out of your recliner.

Recliner Chair Buying Guide

Recliners are all about bells and whistles. Recliners are like shoes — looks are important, but comfort is key. Narrow down your search by determining what style you’re looking for, to make sure the recliner matches the room. Various reclining chairs come with different features. Sit back and put your feet up. Continue reading What You Need To Do To Relieve Back Pain

How to Eat Healthier Without Really Trying

I am definitely not the healthiest person in the world, but I do try to make healthy choices when I can. I love food. Mostly food that is bad for you. So I try to make my meals healthier in small ways that don’t take too much effort because I’m lazy. By making these changes as well as exercising regularly, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the last year and a half. I am by no means a health expert, but these simple tips should help you see results and live a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Greek Yogurt is Your Friend

Greek yogurt is seriously one of the most versatile foods out there. You can use is to replace pretty much anything with the word “cream” in it and save yourself a lot of calories. Mac n cheese addict? Use greek yogurt to make the creamy sauce. Mexican food fanatic? Replace the sour cream with greek yogurt. There are so many uses for it, and you can barely taste the difference, I promise. Cream is one of the biggest culprits for adding calories to your meal. If you eat a lot of creamy foods, you will probably lose a few pounds by making the switch to greek yogurt.


  1. Hide Your Veggies

I’ll admit it, I hate vegetables. I’m basically a kid when it comes to eating my veggies, so the only way to get me to eat them is to hide them in other things. This is a strategy parents often use with their kids, and if you hate vegetables as much as I do, this should work for you too. Now this doesn’t mean the veggies have to be invisible to the naked eye, it just means they need to be incorporated enough so that you don’t really notice them with every bite. I tend to chop them up real fine and add them to chili, greek yogurt mac n cheese, smoothies, and whatever else you can think of that has a sauce/liquid base. Youll be eating healthier without even realizing it.


  1. Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

I have a serious problem with late night snacking. I know you shouldn’t eat right before bed, blah, blah, blah, but that never seems to stop me. What you can do about this though, is make sure you keep only healthy snacks on hand so that you can’t reach for the junk food. If it isn’t there, you can’t eat it. My biggest snack addiction is hummus (better if you make it yourself) and pitta. Just don’t overdo it. Some other good snack ideas are popcorn (skip the butter), rice cakes with peanut butter, and mixed nuts. If you’re feeling fancy, go for some low fat cheese and grapes.


  1. Cook Instead of Eating Out

Okay, this one requires a bit of effort, but it is well worth it. I know eating out can be a big part of your social life, but it doesn’t have to be. Going on a date? Cook for each other instead of going to a restaurant. It’ll be more relaxed than sitting in a fancy restaurant and you’ll get to know each other better. Going out for a meal with friends? Take turns cooking for each other instead. Me and my friends had a competition going where we would take turns cooking and give each other scores, like on the show Come Dine with Me. It’s competitive and fun! You will eat healthier and not to mention, save money.


  1. Eat Smaller Meals

This might seem like an obvious one, but it is really hard to actually follow. Sometimes a meal is just so good that you have to go for seconds, and before you know it you’re pregnant with a food baby. One psychological trick that supposedly works is using smaller plates. But if you don’t want to go out and buy new plates, just use you common sense. Remember that your stomach is as big as your fist, and fill your plate with a reasonable amount of food. Eat slowly and drink plenty of water so that you will know when you’re full. If you’re thinking about having seconds, wait 15 minutes and you probably won’t want it anymore.


  1. Skip the Soda

You don’t have to cut pop completely out of your life, but keep it for special occasions. Drink water instead, or low sugar squash (concentrated fruit juice, for my non-UK readers) if you want something with more flavor. Squash probably isn’t good for you, but it’s better than a fizzy drink. And if you’re treating yourself to soda, go for the full calorie one instead of diet. Diet sodas are way worse for you in the long run due to all the chemicals in it that your body cannot process. You’re better off drinking a smaller amount of normal pop than a lot of zero calorie pop.