How to keep your child fit with balance bike

Getting your kids involved in sports is a very important part of your parenting and your kid’s childhood. No matter what kind of sport it is, all sports teach kids important life lessons as well as keeping them healthy.

Obviously some of the most popular sports include football, soccer, baseball and. basketball. Even though all of these sports are different, they all have a lot in common. Each of these sports is a team sport, and it requires a lot of teamwork on and off the field to win. And every kid wants to win.

In football, whether you’re playing offense or defense, your entire team has to communicate and be on the same page and work together to win. Working together and cooperating with others is an extremely important part of life, especially when you get older, and this is a great thing to learn young. Encourage your kid to take a leadership role on their team, this will give them confidence and increase their communication skills.

Games That Will Help Keep Your Kids Fit

Games suitable for kids of ages between 3 to 7 years are constantly of running and chasing them around in form of playing a game. For example games like tag and freeze tag where by a person is chased and when he or she is tagged is frozen but unfrozen by another player , this can be a very good way to making your kids run but also have fun. My favorite is marble run, this game will keep your child engaged with this game for many hours. We will be discussing about choosing the right marble run for toddlers in UK later in this article.

For kids older than 7 years constantly running can be achieved through playing outdoor games for example football, swimming or basketball where in the process they have fun. For kids that are around 1 year and thereabouts an adult hold their hands and balance on the babies

kids fitnessBecause all of these are team sports, they require constant team meetings and workouts, usually around 3 a week (not counting real games). This constant running and exercising will help keep your kids in shape and healthy without much effort. And with obesity becoming such a problem in younger kids today, playing sports it the perfect way to combat that problem. Plus you can start encouraging them to eat healthier under the guise of saying it will help them do better in their sports.

This is also a great way to find new friends and people for your kids to depend on. I know personally when I played football as a kid, I met a lot of amazing and interesting people, a lot of whom I’m still friends with today. Sports aren’t only great for your mind and body, but they teach life lessons that your kids will use for the rest of their lives.

Why Fitness is important for your Child

Because of the increasing rate of obese children, parents should do their part and engage their kids in fitness activities. A lot of fitness activities are becoming popular nowadays in order to help children to stay physically fit. You can buy bicycles or other gears that will help your child have fun as well as help in improving his or her physical fitness. If you kid is still younger than 3 year old, then you can buy a small balance bike that is safe for little kids.

balance bike 2017The culture and lifestyle nowadays are evolving as evidenced by modernization. More and more children are engaged to sedentary lifestyle rather than becoming physically active. A lot of children go to school by car because they are dropped off by their parents. Most children would also rather watch their favorite cartoons and other television shows rather than playing outside. The popularity of game consoles also has a major contribution to the sedentary lifestyle of children. In addition, school sports arena.

Choosing a marble run for your 4 year old kid

A marble run is not just enjoyable for kids, but it is also a great toy for developing problem-solving skills. Most of the people consider an average rating of 3 or more out of 5 to be good for an item and at least customer will not waste money investing in it. This educational toy company makes plastic marble tracks that are easy to assemble and very durable. Thinking about buying some STEM-related toys this holiday season for the kids in your life, or for your child’s teacher and classroom? After all, the kids themselves have to put the piece together before they can play with it.

  • A rating below that should lead to a second thought before investing in the product because it may not offer the value for investment.
  • Because the parts are made of plastic, they are less expensive than the wooden marble runs.
  • Want to know our favorite places in Champaign-Urbana to buy toys that inspire problem-solving, criticial thinking, and good old fashioned fun?
  • They must learn how to build the structure by matching the holes and the runs in a way that the marbles will not get stuck.
  • Toys that make a noise such as squeaks or rattles will also help entertain very small babies and as they grow, they will learn that shaking or pushing the toy makes the noise and will start to do this for themselves.

Unlike some of the other companies, Quercetti makes it a bit easier to get marbles up to speed by using sloped rails. Wonderworld come in very characteristic primary colours and their all about a different aspect of science, namely engineering, multi level play and cause and effect. Educational toys area a great way to help children boost academic skills, creativity, and confidence, all while having fun. Babies are drawn to the human face and the first ones they recognise will be yours and your partners, or the people they see most often. The connection pieces are just cylinders with holes going from top to bottom and the marbles gain their speed by traveling on sloped rails.

Their features or “trix” incorporate many different pivoting elements making them quite distinct from Haba. Today’s toy designers are finding more ways to engage the attention of children and truly make playtime a learning experience. They gradually learn to distinguish features and can mimic you when you make facial expressions. Once infants can reach for objects, they enjoy toys that are textured and safe for mouthing. And these actions are specific skills our child must learn and master during their formative years to gain a complete range of capabilities.

To find the right educational toys for the children in your life, it is necessary to understand how different products appeal to different ages, and to evaluate prospective purchases accordingly. Remember, to avoid dangerous entanglement, toys never should be hung or attached to a crib, playpen, stroller, infant seat or around a child’s neck with elastic, string or ribbon. And obviously, the more our child plays with these toys, the stronger his brain’s neural pathways are developed.

Balance bike – what is the benefit

Some adults prefer to teach youngsters on regular bikes, with the assistance of training wheels, while still others worry that balance bikes are too expensive, or just a fad. Balance bikes are more than simply the means to an end. On balance bikes, children immediately benefit from the added security of having their feet on the ground, so it is important that the seat is easily adjustable to their height. Balance bikes give children independence as they are able to just drive around without the aid of bothersome stabilizers, feeling awkward, and unsteady. Proponents argue that the balance bikes are much safer and allow kids to start riding at younger ages.

  • While balance bikes DO prepare kids to ride a bike, they also offer years of fun and independence BEFORE they are tall enough to fit on the smallest pedal bike.
  • When he sits on the bike, both feet should be firmly planted on the ground—not just his toes—with his knees slightly bent.
  • They can be surprisingly fast with them and balance bikes are great for a quick dash to the shops and for the nursery run, for example.
  • Particularly for those who don’t have the leg strength to push pedals, the simplicity of propelling themselves provides freedom without complication.

Pedal bikes are also much heavier than balance bikes, making them more difficult to learn to balance. This way, he is able to properly push off, slow down, and stabilize himself. Much faster than dragging your children behind or carrying them. Balance bike riders are confident. For kids aged 5 and up, removing the pedals is an option, but is unpractical for toddlers and preschoolers. Balance bikes are said to be more practical and safer than training wheels and tricycles.

And so much more fun, too. Like I mentioned above, my training wheel-to-2 wheel riding child is still weary of falling and she is almost 7. Within a matter of months, a child as young as 2 can master the skills of balance, steering, and coordination with their feet off the ground. These options are awkward, slow and difficult to maneuver and easily tip on angled and uneven surfaces. So many of us spend ridiculous amounts of money on toys.

My 4 year old jumps curbs and rides with no hands already. Once they will have lots of practice at braking and stopping, it will be time to teach them to ride a bike with pedals. On a balance bike, kids can concentrate on balancing instead of pedaling and, as a result, they become more prepared for the unexpected loss of balance and are less likely to fall. Most of these toys span a season or so of interest, and then they are discarded in favor of something new. The confidence he exudes is immeasurable. To become real easy rider cyclist. Plastic toys break and end up in the landfill. A quality balance bike, on the other hand, can be used by your child for several years and then still be in good enough shape to hand-down to a younger sibling or be sold on Craigslist.