Power banks – How to choose the right one in India

We all know this is the age of smartphones. After only about 10-15 years, mobile technology has become so successful in both personal and professional lives, that we can”t live without them. Smartphones are now not just for making phone calls and sending text messages, they can be used to play music, watch videos and movies, keep track of appointments and contacts, chat with friends and relatives using social medias and provide directions through GPS and even much more. The list of possible smartphone uses multiplies by tens of thousands and grows longer everyday. But with the increasing use of smartphone, the battery often runs out of charge within few hours. Smartphones now comes with higher mAh, but with so many applications running they often die in less than 8 hours. The best way to overcome the battery charging issue is to have a power bank that can charge your mobile phones on the go.

What is Power Bank

Power banks are portable device that are comprised of an external battery charger sealed inside a special case with a control circuit that controls the flow of power. Power banks can store electrical charge which can be later use to charge your smartphones and other USB devices. Power banks are becoming increasingly popular in India, as we are using smartphones for many hours a day and their batteries are not able to survive for the day. Power banks are light in weight and small in size, which makes them portable that can be carried in either your pocket or hand bag. There are many models of power banks available on the market, but you should choose according to your need. Here you can check out some of the best power banks in India.

Charging Your Power Bank

power bank in India 2017Charging your power bank is very easy. You can charge it by connecting the power cord to a power outlet. Most modern power banks comes with USB port, so you can also charge your power bank by connecting it to a USB charge, such as your desktop computers. Some power banks can also be charged using solar energy, they are called as solar power bank. But they are not so popular like USB power banks, as they are expensive and larger in size.

Choosing a Power Bank

As we said earlier, there are many brands and types of power banks available on the market today. Choosing the right power bank may be a daunting task for many. There are certain features that need to taken into consideration while buying a power bank. Below guide will help you in choosing the best power bank for your need.

Capacity: Capacity is the most important feature that must be considered when choosing your power bank. They are measured in milli Ampere hour (mAh). You should always choose a power bank that has capacity higher than your smartphones battery capacity. For example, if you have a Samsung galaxy S4 whose battery capacity is 3200 mAh and also your uses of smartphone is very high, and you need it to charge at least two times a day. So just multiple your smartphone battery capacity to the number of times you want to charge in a day. This means you need to have a power bank that can charge device of about 6400 mAh. Also you should know, a power bank with the capacity of say 10,000mAh cannot charge a device of 10,000mah fully as some amount of charge is lost. At the most, a power bank can charge upto 80% of its capacity. So for charging 6400 mAh, you need a power bank with capacity higher than 7680 mA

Charge time: The amount of time it takes to charge your power bank will depend on its capacity. The smaller the capacity, the less time it will take to charge. If your essential need is to have one full charge of your smart phone from the power bank, then a smaller capacity power bank will be sufficient.

Size: Power banks are small enough to fit into your handbag, briefcase and in some cases, your pocket. Whilst smaller is better for portability, bigger could be more important when it comes to capacity. In most cases more size will mean more battery backup but that would also mean most size. Most good power banks in India which average out both the requirements – capacity and size – come at around 6 inches. You should buy a power bank that is light in weight and also small in size so that it is easier to carry.

Charger Specification: Generally, every charger will be included with a high ampere output cable as it charges your device a bit fast. A connected cable which is of 110v can deliver 2A as you battery can be charged within time. Charger specification should located on USB adapter bundled with your device. The information we are looking for is the output voltage and output current of the adapter.

Efficiency: When power is transferred, there is always loss due to resistance. Power Banks are not able to transfer 100% of their actual capacity to a device, so we factor in this loss when calculating how many times an average device can be charged from a fully powered Power Bank of any given size. Worth noting that if your power bank doesn’t have USB charging and requires a proprietary cable to connect to your device via micro USB, give it a miss. The usefulness of a power bank is its versatility.

How to use power bank efficiently

power bank for iPhoneUsing the Power Bank charger is incredibly easy. Don’t check the power bank charger instructions but look at here first, best way to save your time. Possibly shorten the lifespan of your power bank. Depending on the form factor and budget, a power bank can use different battery cells. All you need is a USB cord and the charger wall outlet box.

  • Just plug one cable from the AC power to the power bank.
  • Overcharging will cause overheating, at an average temperature of 32 degrees fahrenheit, for example, a lithium-ion battery will lose six percent of its maximum capacity per year.
  • Figure 2a shows a power bank with several thousand milliamp hours (mAh) battery capacity for smartphones.
  • Plug the USB cord into the Power Bank and then into the wall outlet.
  • It will start to charge your power bank.
  • At 77 degrees, that number jumps to 20 percent, and at 104 degrees it’s a whopping 35.

It uses lithium-polymer (Li-polymer) battery cells to achieve a thin form factor. A red light should appear. But be careful, some power banks like EasyAcc power banks is equipped with automatic power off protection, once the power bank is fully charged, it will automatically power off. We’re seeing an increasing number of power banks with support for Quick Charge 4.0 and USB-C, and in some cases these are supported on the input as well as the output, making them as fast to refill as they are to charge your phone.

Another type of power bank with tens of thousands mAh battery capacity, generally uses 18650 batteries (cylindrical cells 18mm in diameter and 65mm high) to achieve high charging capacity at a reasonable cost. This lets you know that the charger is not fully charged and that it is accepting the charge. But pay attention to some other power banks, don’t charge it too long, otherwise it will be too hot to touch or may even burn. Power banks may offer these in place of or alongside full-size USB, Micro-USB and Lightning ports. Figure 2b is an example of such power bank with multiple 18650 cylindrical packs in parallel inside the case.

Keep the Power Bank plugged into the wall until the light turns green, then unplug it. Our increasingly busy lives mean a dead battery can leave you disconnected from life, work, and your daily routine. Don’t keep the Power Bank charging after the light has turned green or it will overcharge and short out the Power Bank. Portable chargers and power banks will keep you from getting stranded when you’re on the go and without a convenient charging source. Do not leave it unused for a long period.

They are ideal for recharging your smartphones and similar devices wherever you are when you find yourself low on power. If the power bank for long periods of time to be used, from time to time perform a single charge and discharge to maintain their normal performance. Best time to discharge and charge per month of power bank, so you can ensure that the internal batteries to maintain the best condition, and effectively extend its service life.