Why You Should Choose Knee Braces – Tips and Advice

Running is considered one of the favorite sports of most persons, a hobby or pastime which they cannot do without as well as a regular exercise taken to burn their extra calories away. However, when knee pain is experienced while doing this much-needed activity, it’s time to turn to the use of knee braces for running. Aside from this, when athletes need to address knee injuries and other issues, they also have a need for these braces to make the sport of running as normal for them as possible. For these cases, they have to address the knee injury first before focusing on the sport of running.

Running as a sport can put a toll to the runner’s feet, as well as their whole physique. If they had been enjoying this for many years and made running their way of life or part of their lifestyle, pain in the knee is the common grunt and discomfort felt, as this is commonly the most affected area. Therefore, care must be taken in order to keep the knees from harm as well as provide knee stabilizers for support, to avoid knee discomfort and injuries which may later lead to surgery.

knee braces for runners in UKThe use of knee braces for running is an inexpensive way of saving the knees from injury which may become irreversible through time, unless surgery is done to restore its original function. With its use, the stress and pain felt when running is eliminated as well as provide added protection to the knees to avoid further harm and injury since the use of braces while running can help stabilize the knee area and keep it from being prone to injury. There are several types of knee braces for running wherein runners can still enjoy different motions, increasing amount of distance covered, the kind of terrain where they usually do their activity as well as the kind of knee injury they are suffering from, which oftentimes give them discomfort and pain. If you are residing in UK, then always go for the top knee braces in UK of 2017.

Runners have different needs depending on the kind of injury they have, the extent of that injury, the amount of stress placed on that injury, the pain felt when using the knees for running and this will all focus on the type of knee braces for running that is needed. All of these must be addressed before ordering in order to benefit from a low-priced, convenient, comfortable and well-designed knee brace that is suitable for running.

Best knee braces for football

Whether you have knee injury or just want protection from injury while playing your favorite sport which is football, knee braces are the sure protection for you as injuries in the football field are always possible. This game requires too much contact and impact with other players can often damage the knees and may often lead to surgery. Sometimes, even sudden stops and wrong pivots can injure the knee during the play. Knee stabilizers are needed to avoid injury or provide support to an already injured knee and one of this is by the use of knee braces.

knee braces 2017Wearing knee braces for football lowers the risk of injury by protecting the knees allowing you to play for many years to come. That’s why it is important to choose a brace that will give the utmost protection to the knee. Football is one of the sports wherein players often suffer ACL ligament sprains and tears so that there is an urgency to address the need for protective bracing. There have already been studies done on the technology to be used as football players have the need for rigid knee braces for preventative purposes or after ACL surgery and coaches and trainers have recommended the use of these braces to their players, especially those who were injured previously or those with knee instabilities.

Advances in technology have designed ACL knee braces for football which are usually made of metal or carbon fiber framed braces and provides the maximum level of support to the players without restricting their movement at the knee joint. These braces reduce the extent of severity of the injury while providing added support and this improves the prognosis of the injury and lessening the recovery period. There are issues that came up regarding the use of braces saying it causes muscle atrophy, bone loss and weakness but it has not been seen with short term use during play or practice.

The risk of injury and subjecting oneself to surgery is a far more important consideration than issues of muscle atrophy with the use of the knee brace for only a short term. It is still strongly advised that consultation with a physician should be done before using these devices for protecting and stabilizing the knee during football games.

Choosing the best knee braces in UK

You can see two main styles of braces. Generally speaking, knee braces are for injury recovery. The best knee brace for running should be a perfect fit and offer increased support to the knee and its supporting tendons and ligaments. The more active you are, the higher chance of an injury occurring. Those on the lower end of the price scale are most often soft-shell braces.

  • Knee sleeves are for injury prevention.
  • Finding a good one to suit your particular situation is not always easy.
  • A simple task, such as going down the stairs, can often lead to pain and discomfort.
  • These types wrap the leg and brace in Neoprene® or other soft material, even if they use a hinged knee.
  • Knee braces offer the best knee support, but they are also rigid and restrictive.
  • That is why we have created a list of Best Knee Braces for running which is made up of best knee sleeves, best knee straps or best knee bands, and best hinged knee braces that should help you to choose the knee brace for running.
  • When going down the stairs, your knees will need to support a weight equal to four times your body weight due to shock.

Rigid-style braces are the more expensive ones, and they use frames made of carbon fiber or aluminum, creating a brace designed to closely mimic your knee’s motion while protecting it against any unwanted and potentially dangerous motion ranges. Knee sleeves are flexible, but they don’t provide much in the way of reinforcement. A hinged brace is ideal for athletes who need top-of-line protection and stabilization post-surgery, ACL, MCL or PCL injuries.

Types of Knee braces in UK

Without proper support, an injury can leave you with less mobility, or worse, in severe pain. There are different types of the knee brace on the market, and you would want something that would fit your needs and preferences. Many athletes believe that knee sleeves help them play harder and faster. A bad twist, poor knee to ankle alignment, or wrong way to land are common ways athletes sustain ligament injuries. The majority of knee braces will have a sizing guide however you should always ensure you measure your leg and knee or any other area the brace will sit rather than guessing to ensure you get the size right.

types of knee bracesBefore you purchase the first knee brace that you see in your local stores or online, check out the different things to consider. Knee sleeves compress the knee, keeping it warm and limber. A hinged brace offers ultimate protection to the athlete’s knee, delivering support and stability to heal quickly. Wearing an ill-fitting brace can again cause more damage than good while a tight brace may place too much pressure on the injury and restrict the area causing discomfort whereas a brace that is too large will not offer the support needed which may lead to further damage to the injury when undergoing activity. The use of knee brace is often prescribed to relieve knee pain and prevent the incidence and severity of injuries to the knee without restraining the overall knee mobility.

Magnetic knee braces of 2017

Compression is good for preventing swelling during and after intense exercises. Hinges can prevent hyperextension of the knee and offers protection of the ACL, and other ligament injuries, to athletes who don’t want to lose speed by weighing themselves down with a heavy brace. If you find that your measurements are above or below average proportions you should call us to discuss which brace and size you should get. This type of knee brace uses a series of magnets that are placed at certain, specific points of the knee in order to help with the management of pain. Some people with special medical conditions like arthritis wear knee sleeves to reduce pain.

For the best possible stability and protection after an ACL reconstruction, go with our DonJoy eXtreme or DonJoy Legend knee brace. Neoprene is the best material out there at retaining heat and insulating. According to research, these magnets react with certain elements of the blood in the knee, which in turn causes a sense of heat. If you think back to your post injury management of RICE, the C stands for compression. They are designed for high performance athletes.

Neoprene is made from synthetic rubber and is commonly used in wetsuits. The warmth from this heat makes the blood vessels in the knee expand and in turn brings in more oxygenated blood to counteract the rigidity that often occurs in the knee during and after injury. These types of braces are designed to manage inflammation which can also offer pain relieving qualities and allow you to remain mobile for longer. These state of the art knee braces are equal to any custom brace we’ve seen. It works by preventing heat from escaping, thus trapping the heat next to your body.

Magnetic knee braces are often fairly bulky due to the fact that they contain these magnets. Where there is instability in a joint i.e. you can’t put your full weight on your ankle, knee, wrist etc or you don’t have full confidence in it post injury then a stability brace can help to solve this. Also, if you need a waterproof knee brace, this is it. This increases the blood flow to the knee which promotes healing. This type of brace is suited for sports injuries, rehabilitation, and recovering from surgery.

The downside of neoprene knee braces is that they can cause a build-up of sweat as the heat and moisture stay next to the body rather than evaporating away and cooling you down. Often used after surgery, these braces are designed as to limit the movement of the knee to allow it to recover. Used together with therapy, these braces are believed to help recovery. Generally, this kind of brace is only used for between six to eight weeks after a surgery. They have foam liners that surround the knee, calf, and thigh. They are also built with rigid bars on each side that are adjustable. Straps hold it in place. Not only is this brace usually adjustable, but it can also be removed in order to check on how the knee is healing.